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Jewel Of Creation Bundle 30p
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Bonus HP System!

Hello players and newbies!

We have added Bonus HP system in our server. 

This system will gain you additional HP for each Grand Reset that you make up until 30000 BONUS HP!
How it works?

Each Grand Reset on your character will increase your maximal HP by +150.
Maximal HP Bonus is +30k HP.
VIP users with each Grand Reset will earn +200 HP with same Maximal HP Bonus amount.
After VIP expire, your Bonus HP will go back to normal (+150 HP for each Grand Reset).
All Grand Resets which you have made before the system was activated are also counted in bonus.

Maximal HP Bonus is active only in main GameServer - it is not yet activated in Castle Siege server. It will be activated later on, when we will know exact impact of Bonus HP on PVP and PVP Balance. I am pretty sure, that adjustments to balance will be required. 

2022-09-26 01:30

Vote Reward system upgrade!

Hello players and newbies!

We have updated our Vote Reward system. Changes will automatically take effect starting from next week vote cycle (reset is on Sunday midnight).
From next week(26 September 2022):

Top1 - Top5 will have Item prizes (Top1 will have Wings of Power, Top2,3 will have Golden Fenrir and Top4,5 will get Red Fenrir).
Everyone from Top1 till Top20 will gain Gold Credits and GP (Goblin Points).
VIP reward will be added to everyone in TOP10.
Also Top10 will have WCoinC rewards. 

This way you will get even more rewards for simple votes for server. Don't forget to set up your timer, time to vote! 

Have a great day and see you all online!

2022-09-24 13:17

Changes in General server structure.

Hello players and newbies!

We have made some changes in General Server structure. 
From tomorrow midnight (13 September 2022) we will shut down OFFATTACK Server.
However, OFFATTACK is now enabled in Server-1. Feel free to move your "grinding" characters to Server-1(General).

This was done to avoid spliting players(which are not so many at this point in time) over two servers, as it is not required and server capacity is more then enough to place you all on one server. OFFATTACK server can be (and will be) enabled at any time, in case if it will be required due to lack of spots for new/old players. 

Server-1 IP limit is increased to 4.
Don't forget - you can help us to reviwe this server for free - simply use Vote Reward system, invite friends and stay positive! 

We will keep working on server to improve its Market System and make the game fun for you all. Advertisements are ongoing and new people are registring every day, so babysteps are made towards high online numbers :) 
Also, forum is now enabled. Keep in mind, there is a lot of "old" information in there. I will do some cleaning and one of our players already asked to create Tutorials section, which he is ready to fill with tutorials for y'all. 

See you all online! 

2022-09-12 21:16

Freebies for Newbies V2!

Hello players and newbies!

Today we have also created new Freebies for all new players and all new characters!
This freebies are added automatic in all new characters. Set and weapons are added for 5 days, but Panda Pet + Panda Ring + Small Wings are added for 2 days. 

Dark Wizard:

Bone Set + 15 + FO
Divine Staff of Archangel + 15 + FO
Skull Shield + 15 + FO
Duration: 5 days

Dark Knight:

Scale Set + 15 + FO
Divine Sword of Archangel + 15 + FO
Spiked Shield + 15 + FO
Duration: 5 days


Silk Set + 15 + FO
Divine Crosbow of Archangel + 15 + FO
Duration: 5 days

Magic Gladiator:

Storm Crow Set + 15 + FO
Lightning Sword + 15 + FO
Staff of Resurrection + 15 + FO
Duration: 5 days

Dark Lord:

Light Plate Set + 15 + FO
Lord Scepter + 15 + FO
Spiked Shield + 15 + FO
Duration: 5 days


Red Wing Set + 15 + FO
Violent Wind Stick + 15 + FO
Book of Samut + 15 + FO
Duration: 5 days

Rage Fighter:

Storm Jahad Set + 15 + FO
2x Holly Storm Claw + 15 + FO
Duration: 5 days


All classes has Panda Pet + Panda Ring + Small Wings for 2 days. Enjoy these freebies, we hope they will help you to start the game easier!

See you all online! Have a great day!

2022-09-06 19:31

Server Market system improvements v0.3!

Hello players and newbies!

We have further improved the grinding options of GP(Goblin Points) in our server, so you can get FREE Donate items sooner!
Following changes were made:

Golden Mob hunt rewards has been increased:

1.Golden Budge Dragon reward = 3 GP
2. Golden Titan reward = 3 GP
3. Golden Soldier reward = 3 GP
4. Golden Goblin reward = 3 GP
5. Golden Derkon reward = 4 GP
6. Golden Lizard King reward = 4 GP
7. Golden Vepar reward = 3 GP
8. Golden Tantalos reward = 5 GP
9. Golden Wheel reward = 3 GP

Bosses rewards has been increased:

1. Medusa reward = 6 GP
2. Selupan reward = 6 GP
3. Kundun reward = 7 GP

New Mob rewards has been added:

1. Golden Dark Knight in Dungeon = 3 GP
2. Golden Devil in Losttower = 3 GP
3. Golden Stone Golem in Aida = 4 GP
4. Golden Crust in Icarus = 4 GP
5. Golden Satyros in Kanturu = 4 GP
6. Golden Twin Tail in Kanturu = 5 GP
7. Golden Iron Knight in La Cleon = 5 GP
8. Golden Napin in Swamp of Calmness = 5 GP
9. Great Golden Dragon in Kanturu = 5 GP
10. Great Golden Dragon in La Cleon = 5 GP
11. Golden Rabbit in Elbeland = 3 GP
12. Lunar Rabbit in Losttower/Atlans/Tarkan/Aida/Kanturu/La Cleon = 3 GP

Keep in mind, after mob kill your GP is added, but visually you will see those GP only after Switch Character / Relog. You don't need to switch character after each mob kill - your GP will not disappear. 
Thank you for your support and trust! We will keep advertising and rising online numbers to make sure that you can enjoy friendly and active gameplay and NO WIPES!

See you all online, have a great day! 

2022-09-06 10:30

Server Market system improvements v0.2!

Hello players and newbies!

Today we have further improved our GP Market system. 

Following changes has been made to prices of SEEDS WITHOUT SPHERES selling in NPC:
+1 GP per each seed from previous price.

Fire seed = 3 GP
Ice seed = 3 GP
Lightning seed = 4 GP
Water seed = 4 GP (Reduce or Reflect seed = 7 GP)
Wind seed = 3 GP (Max Life seed = 10 GP)
Earth seed = 4 GP

Now Sealed Gold Box and Sealed Silver Box has use.
You can collect these boxes and to open them you must combine Box with Key in Chaos Goblin. Once the box has opened - you have 2 options. 
Option No.1 = Sell the Box to NPC(Opened).

Golden Box will give you 4 GP,
Silver Box will give you 3 GP.

Option No.2 = Drop the box and get RANDOM SEED.

Golden boxes has SLIGHTLY better chance to drop Wind and Water seeds, that is why Golden Box price in NPC is 1 GP higher then Silver Box price.


Seeds price was increased to make Ancient items (required for crafting seeds) more valuable and give us a little more space to play with Golden and Silver Box price. 
We have also fixed reported bug - Wind AG seed was not sold for GP and One item price was 190k instead of 19k (oops).

It's nice to see that within 3 days we have grown from 1 online to 22 online(current record). We promise to keep improving the server with updates to Market system, Play 2 Win system and keep advertising our project. We would appriciate if YOU would use Vote Reward system every 12/24 hours to make sure that we are getting better ranks in topsites. Thank you for your trust!

See you all online! 

2022-09-04 18:39

Server Market system improvements v0.1!

Hello players and newbies!

As we told you before, you now can get Donate items for free from NPC with GP(Goblin Points).
You can earn Golbin Points with following:

1. Finishing in-game events(Server-1):

Blood Castle:
Level 1 - 7 = 15 GP
Level 8 = 20 GP

Chaos Castle:
Level 1 - 6 = 15 GP
Level 7 = 50 GP

Devil Square:
Level 1 - 6 = 15 GP
Level 7 = 22 GP

Illusion Temple:
Level 6 ONLY = 30 GP

2. Killing Golden mobs and Bosses(Server-1):

Golden Budge Dragon = 2 GP
Golden Titan = 2 GP
Golden Soldier = 2 GP
Golden Goblin = 2 GP
Golden Derkon = 3 GP
Golden Lizard = 3 GP
Golden Vepar = 2 GP
Golden Tantalos = 4 GP
Golden Wheel = 2 GP
Medusa = 5 GP
Selupan = 5 GP
Kundun = 6 GP

3. Selling your old and unused seeds to NPC(WITHOUT SPHERE, Server-1 and Server-2):

Fire seed = 2 GP
Ice seed = 2 GP
Lightning seed = 3 GP
Water seed = 3 GP (Reduce or Reflect seed = 6 GP)
Wind seed = 2 GP (Max Life seed = 9 GP)
Earth seed = 3 GP


We will keep improving this system to make sure that you can gain enough GP for Full Donate Gears and game Market is balanced and active. 

2022-09-03 10:13

Server Market system update!

Hello players and newbies!

As we informed you in discord, server market system is updated. 
We have added 3 new NPC's in Lorencia next to the Bar who will sell Donate Items. You can get these Donate Items for free by grinding and enjoying the game process.
All items in this NPCs cost Goblin Points. Goblin points can be earned in multiple ways:

1. Finishing in-game events (Blood Castle, Chaos Castle, Devil Square, Illusion Temple),
2. Killing specific mobs: Golden mobs at Golden invasion and Kundun, Medusa and Selupan mobs. 

You can also use Goblin Points to open your Store in game and sell valuables with Goblin Points.
Valuables in this server are Seeds, Ancient items, Gemstone , Harmony and Creation Jewels.

Keep in mind, system will be further updated with new ways to earn Goblin Points. We are open for your suggestions regarding it in Forum. 
At this point in time we are starting new advertising campaings - you can help us simply by using Vote Reward system and making sure that you finish each and every one vote with Captcha and Vote button clicked. That will not cost you anything, but it will be great help for server to grow faster and reach our common goals quicker. More players - more fun! 


See you all online, have a great start of September and stay positive! 

2022-09-01 13:40

PVP Balance changes

Hello everyone!

We have done some tests and PVP damage was adjusted. Changes made are in BM, DL, Elf and Summoner. 

BM => DL Damage increased by few %,
DL => DL Damage increased by 1% (yes, it's enough),
Elf => DL Damage increased by 3%,
DL => Elf Damage decreased by 2%,
Summoner => DL Damage increased by 1%.
Dark Lord horse Damage Decreasment debuffed to suit servers configs. 

Please note, that all Complex and SD potions are removed from server. They won't be added back. Also buffs from X shop are required to enjoy PVP.


To get WCoin for buffs you might as well use our in-game automated Quiz event - it has 130 different questions, 3 question every 2 hours and each correct answer will give you 70 WCoin. To respond in Quiz question use "/resp answer", for example:
/resp Yes

Offattack server capacity is increased. 

2021-08-20 23:12

Easy start for newbies!

Hello everyone!

From 2 days ago we have added Start Items for newbies - every new character will get Panda Pet, Panda Ring and Small Wings for 2 days! We hope that this small bonus will help you to get started quicker and easier! 

All other most importand updates and changes are posted in our Forum! Don't forget to vote for us every day to get amazing rewards from Vote Reward system. 
See you online!

2021-08-11 16:29